Horta do Pé Descalço (Barefoot`s garden) is a small biological vegetable garden located in the Caldas da Rainha (Portugal).
This brand portrays how one works in this place, that is, the rationality of how the garden operates, in this case, without machines and without wanting to abuse the land, and the fact that it is biological. It was in these two parameters that I was inspired to reach the final result. The first point is represented by the geometric and rational form of the logo and the second point in the fact that the lines are all organic, an effect achieved by means of a printing technique equivalent to that of the stamp, which consists of the modeling a linoleum plate that results in a stamp.
Turning to the explanation of the logo, I decided to take the idea of ​​the name “barefoot” and create an icon that represented it. We can see in the symbol the shape of the feet to the center that through its view and in a positive and negative game give shape to the vegetable that is the central figure of the logo. The horizontal lines represent the earth and the circle that surrounds them describes the sun and the cycle of production of its products.





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